Kandar Diabetes Centre-KDC ® is running since more than one and half decades and Kandar Diabetes Centre-KDC ® patented from year 2009. Founder and Chief Consultant Dr Dilip Kumar Kandar is practicing in the field of diabetes more than two and half decades till 2020.

Kandar Diabetes Centre-KDC ® is ISO 9001: 2015 certified centre for diabetes.

Kandar diabetes centre ranked top 20 most promising diabetes clinic-2018 and top 10 most promising diabetes clinic –2019 in India.


The man of multiple dimensions Dr Dilip Kumar Kandar after completion his graduation in medicine from most coveted institute,Nilratan Sircar Medical College & Hospital in Calcutta University and post graduate diploma in diabetes at Madras 2001-2004 in M.V Hospital for diabetes and Diabetes Research Centre at Chennai which is WHO Collaborating Centre for Diabetes Research, Education,and Training. He has completed a certificate course from American Diabetes Association in 2003 on Diabetes Management.

Fellowship on diabetic foot care by WDF, IDF on 2004-2005.

He also completed an advanced certificate course on diabetes from American Diabetes Association-USA 2014 and advanced update on diabetes by Steno-Diabetes Centre Denmark-2015.

He secured CCEBDM certificate from public health foundation of India (PHFI).


Certification for “MASTER’S PROGRAM in Clinical Lipid Management” Quiz. Activity Provided by AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CARIDIOLOGY , Obtain Scored: 96%

He is the only one diabetologist selected from united Andhra Pradesh for prestigious and ambitious pilot project ‘Step by Step-Improving Diabetes Foot Care in the developing World 2004-2005’for India, Tanzania, Nepal, Bangladesh & Srilanka which was organized by World Diabetes Federation and Internation Diabetes Foundation and was awarded as “Podiatrist-Diabetes Foot Care Specialist”.

He was awarded by Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA for participation in “Recent Management of Diabetes” in 2007.

Mentors Certificate: University College Dublin School of Medicine – Ireland – India summit 2019, Chairperson Certificate: for ‘Link Program’from Royal College of Physicians-UK-RCP-117332 on February 2018. Received Fellowship of Diabetes India 2020 and subsequently he secured many certificates from various courses and lectures in the field of diabetes from various institute and organization like, Ankara Ozel Mhastanesi-Isatanabul-Turkey;Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust-UK; AGP Clinical Academy-India; Harvard Medical School-USA; American Diabetes Association;American College of Cardiology; Steno Diabetes Centre-Denmark; John Hopkins University School of Medicine-Maryland-USA.


Dr Dilip worked as Consultant Diabetologist at M.V. Hospital for Diabetes at Chennai and Hyderabad.

He has worked experience in N.R.S.Medical College & Hospital-Calcutta; and Dept. of Endocrinology at CMC- Vellore-Tamil Nadu; KIMS Hospital at Secunderabad, Mahavir Hospital & Research Centre at Hyderabad, RTC Hospital at Hyderabad.

He is a Chief Consultant of `Kandar Diabetes Centre-KDC ®` which has six branches in India,Hyderabad-2,Adilabad,Nirmal,Midnapore 3-West Bengal.

He has more than two and half decades experience in the field of diabetes and his expertise in evaluation and mangement of diabetes and the long term complication associated with diabetes.

He has special interest in mangement if diabetes foot ulcers with GV (Glucose Variability), diabetes in children, diabetes in pregnancy and vast experience on insuline pump therapy with CGMS and AGP/GGMS.


Despite his busy clinical services and commitments,Dr Dilip does remarkable work for poor people in various rural places and urban slums,for enhancement of health status among diabetic individuals.He also preaches and promotes healthy lifestyle for children , adults and teachers in various schools,and varous parts of Telangana and West Bengal.As a part of social servises and his committed passion,he has been conducting free diabetes and complications screening camps(Health Check up) at Hyderabad,Nirmal,Kamareddy,Nalgonda,Adilabad and few districs in West Bengal since 2004.

Being a member of Lions Club International,he contributes his services regularly to them.He does remarkable work in career development of type1 diabetes under Kandar Diabetes Centre-KDC ® type1 diabetes group.Kandar Diabetes Centre-KDC ® provides free Insulin,Insulin Pen Devices,Medications,Glucometers,BP Apparetus and other supportive activities for needy patients with diabetes.


Glycemic impact on wound healing with basal bolus therapy versus premix insulin therapy – documented with FGM “International Journal of Medical and Health Research", vol. 6, issue 4,2020. “International Journal of Medical Science and Current Research”, volume3, issue 3, page no:26-31 may-june 2020. Nexus between glucose variability and healing rate in patients with diabetic foot ulcer “Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research” JMSCR vol. 07, issue 07, page no: 83-88 july 2019. Experienced share on saroglitazar in around 200 patients at Saroglitazar Exhibition booth durIng 52nd EASD Annual Meeting European Association for the Study of Diabetes 2016, Munich Germany.

Dr. Dilip extends his expertise by conducting multi-center clinical trials of denovo drugs used in prvention and control of diabetes, cardivascular diseases for various pharma companies. As a speaker/panel member/committee expert, he delivers talks on vatious national and international platforms as well as virual meeting in his field of specialization.
He is a life member of IMA, APMC/TSMC, RSSDI, IPA, ADA, ACC, EASD, WBMC,----

Kandar Diabetes Centre-KDC ® for exemplary health care with medical excellence…..
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